I can. I will. I must.

Hi, yes- I'm alive, I still exist, I been B U S Y. In this case most people would ask, "has Florida been kicking your butt?" and actually I'VE been kicking Florida's butt. In the short time of a little over a month, I have managed to secure a fantastic job, lease a brand new car, and now I am currently styling and personalizing my new apartment. Now THAT is BOSSING UP *flips hair*. I'm not writing this to my viewers/readers to boast on my own accomplishments and successes, even though the self-affirmation is incredibly nice,  but instead to do the complete opposite and shine light on YOURS. Where are you in life right now? What are you so afraid of? How are you going to overcome it? When is the "right time" the right time? 

This all didn't just happen within a blink of an eye, although it feels that way, it took a lot of strength, help, prayer, patience, and above all confidence. You have to KNOW that you can accomplish something in order to get there- how you're going to get there isn't necessarily in the blueprint, you create that plan as you go. Tweak it. Adjust it. Fail. Restart. Fail again. Reflect. Try again, and again. Have a focal point and tell yourself you're getting there one way or another. What was mine you ask? That's easy- Landon. Remember that having it all figured out doesn't mean you succeeded- it means you're up for the challenge of putting it in drive for a test run- wheres the fun in living if you "know it all"? I dare you to follow through with a premature plan and see how much fruit it comes to bare. You can. You will. You must.


P.S. It's my birthday- 24, you ready?

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